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My Next Speech: Bringing the Lung Cancer Patient to the Foreground at #ASCO16 CME

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I’m excited to announce that I have been asked to speak on June 5, 2016, at a dinner symposium titled “NSCLC Forum: Bringing the Patient to the Foreground of Evidence-Based Lung Cancer Care.” It’s sponsored by PeerView Press (a medical education provider) and GRACE (a web resource for cancer patients).

This is an evening event concurrent with ASCO 2016 Annual Meeting in Chicago, usually called just ASCO. ASCO (short for American Society for Clinical Oncology) is the world’s biggest cancer conference—just you and 35,000 of your closest friends.  Attendees hear about results for cancer clinical trials along with prevention, diagnosis, survivorship, policy, advocacy, and oncology career info, and explore a huge exhibit hall.  Last year I clocked five miles a day just walking between sessions!

I’ll be talking about using social media to improve outcomes for lung cancer patients.  The meat of the program includes case studies presented by four research oncologists (including, coincidentally, my Denver oncologist Dr. Ross Camidge), and panel discussions. PeerView tells me this may be the first time a patient has been the lead speaker at an ASCO CME (Continuing Medical Education) program. I’m honored that the sponsors and my fellow speakers believe I’m up to the challenge.

At my request, PeerView modified their registration form so patients and caregivers/advocates can register for this event. If you’d like to see me speak, you can register (no charge) to attend in person (and have a free dinner starting at 6:30 PM Central) or watch the live stream online (starting at 7 PM Central).  The recording will be available later on the web (I’ll share the link when it’s posted).  Several other evening events (including the ASCO President’s Reception, alas) will be competing for the attention of ASCO attendees at the same time, so please attend and help fill the seats. Hope to see you there!


Edit 8-Jun-2016:

The unedited, uncut version of the 2-hour webinar in which I spoke at ASCO 2016 is available here. You must register, but it’s free. My talk begins at about 2:40, and runs about 10 minutes.


An edited version will be available soon.

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