Why I blog

Janet_Freeman-Daily (2014-09-07)
I was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer in May 2011. (Since I know you’re going to ask: no, I never smoked anything, except a salmon–does it matter?) The cancer became metastatic in October 2011. After two different chemo-radiation combinations, each followed by a cancer progression, I have had No Evidence of Disease since January 2013 thanks to precision medicine, clinical trials, and other patients. You can read about my lung cancer journey in either a chronological summary or story version on this site. In the time I have left, I want to use my skills to help others who have lung cancer, and increase the visibility and knowledge of lung cancer among those who don’t.

I’ve made a career as a “technical translator” of sorts. I applied my communications skills and MIT and Caltech engineering degrees to a career in aerospace systems engineering for two decades–interacting with customers, developing new products and writing proposals. I researched a scientific or engineering subject, described it to others in less technical terms, and helped them understand how this new gizmo could benefit them.

Now I use those skills to translate the experience and science of lung cancer treatment and research for others, and improve lung cancer outcomes. I write, support online patients, co-moderator #LCSM Chat on Twitter, collaborate with others in the lung cancer and healthcare communities, speak at conferences and events, advocate for policy changes, and consult for industry.

This blog is a place for me to capture perspectives and new developments in lung cancer (which I have) and the brain (which I used to have). I’ll also include notes about my writing, health, travels, and anything else I find particularly intriguing. I confess, I’m a curious geek. EVERYTHING techie intrigues me!

I hope you find the information here interesting and hopeful. Cancer treatment and its side effects will occasionally interfere with my blogging; I’ll respond to comments as my energy allows.

You can reach me at jfreeman dot wa at gmail dot com.

Updated 29-Dec-2015