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Trial Travel Notes to Self (March 2014 edition)

I still travel to Denver every eight weeks for my clinical trial appointment. On each visit, I refine my travel skills. Here’s what I learned (or relearned) this time:

1. Denver employs hidden moisture vacuums in airport jetways.

2. Dodge Avengers are built for people shorter than me.

3. Weather Channel three-day forecasts for Denver aren’t sufficiently fine tuned to indicate whether it will snow when I leave the hotel.

4. Hospital cafeteria hours don’t necessarily mesh with radiology schedules.

5. No matter how many times I push the button, MY car key will not unlock a rental car.

6. To avoid repeating #5, review #4 and pack a snack.

7. If one must sleep in the MRI machine, don’t snore loud enough to jerk awake.

8. While waiting to get scan results, plan something distractingly fun. Trying to verify tomorrow’s weather report on clinic wifi does not qualify.

9. No matter how calm and relaxed I may be, and what arsenal of sleep medicines I may possess, I won’t fall asleep at a reasonable hour the night before a scan.

4 thoughts on “Trial Travel Notes to Self (March 2014 edition)

  1. I didn’t know that Denver was almost as dry as it is here. See I learned something new! And you actually fell asleep in the MRI machine? How can you do that – those things are really noisy! Or maybe you were just tired from not sleeping the night before. 🙂


  2. OMB, LOVED this one!!! As someone who is packed on a metal tube about once a week, for your consideration to your next list:

    · Dallas, Terminal D, at the end just past Gate 40, has a Yoga Room. It’s not actually a “room” but does have a screened off area, private and quiet, with mats for stretching.

    · Definitely pack eye masks and ear plugs (or headphones). They really do help with the noise and light pollution that occurs on all flights.

    · When you get in your seat, use your hand sanitizer to wipe down the armrests and tray tables.

    · Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Everyone knows this, but it’s worth repeating.

    · I fly Alaska Airlines as much as possible because they are by far the best/easiest airline. Not just because they are Seattle based, but because they cater to those who fly a lot. Their website is the easiest to navigate, their on-time and other performance records are solid, their mileage program is the best, they have more power jacks at their gates for recharging computers and phones, and by next year their whole fleet will likely be with power jacks at their seats. Oh, and they recently won an award for being “greenest.”

    · Sweatpants, layers and comfy clothes totally rule. It’s not the time to be fashionable.



    • Thanks, Renee. May I share your thoughts on an Inspire thread about trial travel? I know you’re not in a clinical trial, but these are good travel hints.


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