Trial Travel Notes to Self (March 2014 edition)

I still travel to Denver every eight weeks for my clinical trial appointment. On each visit, I refine my travel skills. Here’s what I learned (or relearned) this time:

1. Denver employs hidden moisture vacuums in airport jetways.

2. Dodge Avengers are built for people shorter than me.

3. Weather Channel three-day forecasts for Denver aren’t sufficiently fine tuned to indicate whether it will snow when I leave the hotel.

4. Hospital cafeteria hours don’t necessarily mesh with radiology schedules.

5. No matter how many times I push the button, MY car key will not unlock a rental car.

6. To avoid repeating #5, review #4 and pack a snack.

7. If one must sleep in the MRI machine, don’t snore loud enough to jerk awake.

8. While waiting to get scan results, plan something distractingly fun. Trying to verify tomorrow’s weather report on clinic wifi does not qualify.

9. No matter how calm and relaxed I may be, and what arsenal of sleep medicines I may possess, I won’t fall asleep at a reasonable hour the night before a scan.