This is a reblog of a 5/18/2015 post on the #LCSM Chat site (reposted with permission). Lung cancer patient advocates are beginning to make their voices heard and gain acceptance in the medical world.  For the first time ever, patient advocates will be speaking from the stage at the World Conference on Lung Cancer (WCLC), the […]

The short film “Moving On” touched me both as a daughter who made care choices for dying parents, and as a metastatic lung cancer patient who is likely facing death sooner rather than later. It’s especially poignant since I spent yesterday in a workshop about palliative care and end of life. I needed several tissues after the subtle […]

Today is my fourth cancerversary.  Four years ago–May 10, 2011–I first heard a confirmed diagnosis of lung cancer.  On cancerversaries I review events of the past year and assess how I’ve spent my time.  I’m not looking to pat myself on the back for my accomplishments, or check locations off a travel list.  I’m looking […]

Woohoo!  My clinical trial drug may get FDA approval soon!   It’s about time. The clinical trial in which I participate has been running for over three years.  I take Xalkori (crizotinib) for my ROS1-positive non-small cell lung cancer.  Early phase clinical trial results  announced last year show around 72% of patients experienced measurable shrinkage of their tumors, […]

Many patients with active cancer can fly safely.  If you have concerns about your fitness for flying, ask your doctor — some cancer patients (such as those who have had lung-related problems, edema, or recent surgery) might be at risk for complications if they fly.  Cancer Research UK’s brief list addresses situations when you shouldn’t […]

Today I’m again boarding a flight to Denver, Colorado, for my bi-monthly scan and clinical trial check-in. Packing and traveling for my clinical trial is pretty routine after  2+ years. Despite the best effort of my conscious mind and having No Evidence of Disease for 28 months, some small part of me still gets nervous […]

Earlier this month the MIT News published an article titled, “The rise and fall of cognitive skills.”  It discussed research that found different types of thinking skills peak at different times in life.  I particularly like this part: … crystallized intelligence — the accumulation of facts and knowledge … showed a later peak, in the late […]


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