Last week I refilled my prescription for warfarin, a blood thinner I take for my cancer-related pulmonary embolism (such blood clots that are not uncommon in cancer patients).  The Fred Meyer pharmacy did their usual efficient job and delivered my medication promptly.  It looked like this: I think it’s wonderful when corporations support cancer research […]

PROFILES IN LUNG CANCER Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2015 D. Ross Camidge, MD, PhD  “Progress will come from changing the way we think about cancer” Director of the Thoracic Oncology Clinical and Clinical Research Programs, University of Colorado I am incredibly fortunate to have Dr. Ross Camidge as my lung cancer oncologist, clinical trial researcher, advocacy […]

[Reblog of 11/15/2015 content from — used with permission] Last year in November, The National Cancer Institute (NCI) and #LCSM Chat worked together to conduct a Twitter chat on precision medicine in lung cancer treatment.  This year, we’ve taken our collaboration a step further to create a highly engaging, interactive online event. For Lung Cancer […]

PROFILES IN LUNG CANCER – DAY 14 Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2015 Dr Anne-Marie Baird, Lung Cancer Researcher and Advocate “Lung cancer can affect anyone, anywhere.” Twitter handle: @BairdAM What is your connection with lung cancer? Both my grandmother and aunt died from the disease. My aunt died while I was researching lung cancer at […]

PROFILES IN LUNG CANCER Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2015 Deana Hendrickson, Lung Cancer Advocate Co-founder of #LCSM Chat (Lung Cancer Social Media) on Twitter Twitter handle: @LungCancerFaces What is her connection with lung cancer? Deana’s mother, Rita Stein, was diagnosed with stage 3b lung cancer in June 2012. During Rita’s treatment (concurrent chemo and radiation for […]

As Lung Cancer Awareness Month (November) grows nearer, patients and advocates become more focused on how to raise awareness of our disease. But what should we say to have the most impact? What “talking points” and tips do successful advocates use in writing, interviews, and public speaking? The October 22 #LCSM Chat at 8 PM […]

In 2013, the website Moments A Day posted a lovely list to help moms remember why they’re grateful for the irritations in their life. It’s a great example of recognizing that how we choose to think about events can make a difference in how we view life. Cancer patients occasionally need similar reminders. Some days […]


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