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“Disaster gentrification” is now a thing

“Disaster gentrification” has become a thing.

When people flee urban areas to second homes or rural areas to avoid the COVID-19 pandemic, they put the locals who live permanently in the area of their “disaster” home at risk, and strain local services. Small town groceries are not designed to supply large populations. Small town medical center are not equipped to handle several (if any) critically ill people. Rural Internet does not have the capacity to support work from home or streaming video.

“Shelter in Place” and “Stay at Home” do not translate as “travel to an escape home.” You’re supposed to stay put and avoid spreading the disease.

It doesn’t matter that you feel healthy. Current estimates say 50% of people who are infected with the novel coronavirus will exhibit absolutely no symptoms, yet they are still able to spread COVID-19 to others. And some who feel healthy today might develop symptoms in the next two weeks.

Stay home. Stay safe. Save lives.

The article below is long, but worth the read.

This Pandemic Is Not Your Vacation (Buzzfeed 31-Mar-2020)

2 thoughts on ““Disaster gentrification” is now a thing

  1. I hadn’t really thought about this issue. I wonder how many people have left there actual residences and retreated to their second homes. Thanks for making the point that stay home means just that, stay home.


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