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Join the Life & Breath Rally for Lung Cancer in DC on Nov 2

Please register for your free ticket(s) here:

Life & Breath (LAB) is a grassroots effort comprised of lung cancer survivors, caregivers, and advocates. We volunteer with various lung cancer organizations but have decided to come together as individuals for a common cause:

The Life & Breath Rally
Thursday, November 2, 2017, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
U.S. Capitol Building, Washington, D.C.

Email: lablifeandbreath@gmail.com
Facebook: https://facebook.com/lablifeandbreath/
Instagram: lifeandbreathrally
Twitter: @LABLifeBreath

Lung Cancer is a National Emergency and must be declared as such. This step will allow an increase in desperately needed research funding. We represent the 433 Americans who die every day because of this disease, the deadliest of all cancers. Our goal is to have enough participants to stage a die-in of 433 people. We need Congress to see what this disease actually looks like.

The Rally will be held in Area 1 on the Capitol grounds from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. (see this linked map): https://www.uscp.gov/sites/uscapitolpolice.house.gov/files/wysiwyg_uploaded/U.S.%20Capitol%20Grounds%20Demonstration%20Area%20Map.pdf

Participants are encouraged to bring their own signs, posters, etc., to the Rally, with the understanding that these items may not be brought into or near the Capitol Building. Members of the media will be invited.

Speakers will include members of the Congressional Lung Cancer Caucus (Rick Nolan, Debbie Dingell, Jamie Raskin as of 10/18) with cooperation from the office of Congressman Nolan, founder and co-chair. Congressman Nolan’s daughter, Katherine Bensen, a Stage IV lung cancer survivor, will also be in attendance, as well as former NFL player and noted lung cancer advocate Chris Draft, who lost his young wife to the disease, and Greta Kreutz, former D.C. news personality and lung cancer survivor.

As this is an unbranded, grassroots event, participants are free to wear clothing representing their favorite lung cancer organizations, if desired. All organizations and their volunteers are welcome. There will be no fundraising as we are not a nonprofit nor do we represent one. Our goal is to provide a unified presence for the purpose of Lung Cancer advocacy.

Participants are encouraged to make appointments on their own to see their elected U.S. Representative and Senators to occur after 1 p.m. when the Rally is scheduled to conclude. We can provide an informational packet, or participants are free hand out their own organizations’ literature when these visits are made.
You can find your elected officials here: http://act.commoncause.org/site/PageServer?pagename=sunlight_advocacy_list_page

Getting to the Capitolhttps://www.visitthecapitol.gov/plan-visit/getting-capitol

Please contact us directly if you are interested in room and/or ride sharing. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Please register for your free ticket(s) here so we can get an idea of attendance numbers before the Rally: https://LABRally.eventbrite.com/  

This page will be updated on a regular basis, so check back often.

Please join us for this important event!

One thought on “Join the Life & Breath Rally for Lung Cancer in DC on Nov 2

  1. Just returned home from the Lung Cancer Summit (Lung Cancer Alliance).  Over 100 survivors were present (29 states I believe).  Two other survivors, my husband and I visited with a Senate HELP Committee staff member (stand in for Patty Murray), Maria Cantwell’s office (met her briefly in the hallway), Pramila Jayapal’s office and Herrera Butler herself (she spent most of the time telling us what was wrong with ACA and telling the woman in our group from her district that she would pray for her).  Most were kind and listened politely.  All looked exhausted from the past 9 months of chaos.  Hope you are able to get 433 to stage the die in.  It is expensive to travel to and stay in DC.  Wish I could be there but cannot afford another trip. Perhaps our visit this month will make them more aware and responsive to your efforts.  Congressman Nolan is a wonderful supporter of our cause.  Too bad his daughter had to join us as a patient (at such a young age) but apparently that’s what it takes to really get them to pay attention.   Mary Davis


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