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About that conspiracy to hide the cure for cancer …

Reality check: No one is hiding THE ONE CURE for cancer.

There will not be one treatment to cure all cancers, because each case of cancer is as unique as the person whose cells mutated to create it.

We’ve been curing cancer in groups of mice and lab containers for decades. However, the human body–and therefore each cancer it generates–is more complicated than a mouse or cells isolated in a petri dish.

Each cancer is a unique living organism that can mutate and evolve over time. Just like its host, a cancer’s characteristics and behaviors are influenced by genetics, environment, nutrition (what it consumes to make energy), and exposure to infectious diseases and toxins (and probably other factors we haven’t discovered yet).

If anyone had run a study in humans that proved a single cure worked for every case of cancer, no one could hide it. No one could silence the millions of joyful, grateful patients who had been cured by it.

Enough with the cancer conspiracy theories, people.  Accept that humans–and cancer–are complicated creatures, and get on with the research.  We cancer patients are waiting, and we don’t have the luxury of time.

4 thoughts on “About that conspiracy to hide the cure for cancer …

  1. Amen sister! And can I also add that “the doctors” are not withholding the cure to make more money for themselves!

    (And many thanks for your incredible blog!)


  2. Current research by innovative cancer researchers such as Dr. Thomas N. Seyfried who wrote the book “Cancer – As a Metabolic Disease” propose cancer is not a genetic disease. Genetic changes only occur downstream after the metabolic shift common to all cancers.

    If correct then there is one treatment for all cancers, metabolic treatment which is diet. The key is to keep blood glucose low through fasting and the ketogenic diet virtually starving cancer cells.

    I am a HNSCC cancer patient. I started a ketogenic diet in Sept 2016 and I am now seeing my tumor shrink. Pretty incredible, I now feel it’s all about carbohydrate avoidance.


    • I’m glad you’ve found a dietary routine which helps you feel healthy.

      However, your assumption that all cancer cells consume excessive glucose and can be stopped by a ketogenic diet has not been proven for all human cancers.

      Yes, researchers are exploring the role cellular metabolic pathways play in cancer through metabolomics. Human cells can consume several different molecules to generate energy, and healthy normal cell can have different metabolic processes. For example, the brain relies almost exclusively on glucose. In contrast the heart is able to use glucose, fatty acids, ketone bodies, lactate and pyruvate.

      Because of research on the “Warburg Effect,” some people believe all cancer cells consume an excessive amount of glucose. They reason that if they deprive these cancer cells of glucose by forcing the body to consume ketones for energy, the cancer will die. However, like normal human cells, different types of cancer cells can use different metabolic processes, as evidence by the fact that not all cancers gobble glucose (some cancers can’t be seen on PET scans). Cancer cells have been found to thrive on energy sources other than glucose, too. Examples:

      “Researchers found that when deprived of oxygen, cancer cells (and many other mammalian cells) can engage an alternate metabolic pathway that allows them to use glutamine ….”

      “Using new metabolomics technologies, the researchers found that cancer cells can use the compound lactate to fuel biochemical reactions ….”

      So, while glucose is indeed a source of energy for some cancer cells, it is not the ONLY source of energy for all types of cancer cells. We don’t know whether severely reducing one’s consumption of glucose will inhibit cancer cells. We don’t have human trials that demonstrate ketogenic diets cure cancer. The fact is, cancer is sneaky–it can evolve and adapt. We have a lot to learn.


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