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The President’s Cancer Panel Wants … ME?

When the Twitter icon indicated I had a new direct message last Tuesday, I took my time opening it. I was down with a bad case of the flu, including a fever and a cough that had stolen my voice, and I wasn’t at the top of my game.  When I finally clicked on the icon, I felt a jolt of adrenaline.

The message was from “@PresCancerPanel” and started “We’d like to invite you to …” …continue reading


Edit May 7, 2015:  list of March 2015 workshop participants

11 thoughts on “The President’s Cancer Panel Wants … ME?

  1. This is wonderful NEWS!!!I’m so happy for you.

    I would love to see if we can meet, I can drive down for coffee or a meal before or after your events! I live about 70 miles north.


    Susan Hull MSN, RN WellSpring Consulting, Principal 707-400-8995 (Pacific) Follow me on Twitter


    • Susan, I would love to meet, but it will have to wait until another trip. This is going to be a whirlwind trip–I’m flying in the night before, attending the meeting, and flying out immediately afterward to be back in Seattle for a speaking engagement the next morning.


  2. You have the passion, education and intelligence to be a perfect choice. I am grateful for all the work you have already accomplished and that you been an advocate for us all. Best hopes for you and your participation.


  3. You are an amazing advocate! I have no doubt you will bring clarity and direction to the workshop and will represent the survivor community with the same passion and grace you have always shown.


  4. They could not have asked a more articulate and informed person to be on the workshop panel. THANK YOU for all that you do, and for representing our interests.


  5. We couldn’t ask for a finer representative. All of your agenda items are important and on target for our cancer community. A big thank you for your efforts.


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