When you see someone masked, please be kind

Today Washington’s state-wide mask mandate is gone (though masks are still required in some settings). When you see people still wearing masks, please don’t give us a hard time. You don’t know the health conditions we or people we love may have.

The mask mandate is gone, but the COVID-19 virus is not. Medical research has collected data that shows certain populations are at higher risk of severe or fatal COVID-19 if exposed to it. Older people, especially those over age 80, have less effective immune systems.

Sometimes people are at greater risk because of physical issues. My lungs have been damaged by radiation treatment for lung cancer, and are unable to clear nasties as effectively as they once did. I’ve had pneumonia several times since my cancer diagnosis nearly 11 years ago. Hospital data shows people with some chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes are more likely to get severely ill if they get the virus.

Some people are at greater risk due to compromised immune systems. Medical treatments like chemotherapy or high-dose steroids impair the immune system. Very young children have immature immune systems.

It’s not a given we’ll get severely sick, but the odds are not in our favor. We’re into risk reduction. Medical data show KN95 and N95 masks reduce the likelihood of catching COVID-19. Our doctors suggest we should wear masks when in public. The CDC recommends we continue to wear masks. More data is needed for those of us at increased risk before we take off our masks.

When you encounter someone wearing a mask, or resistant to indoor dining in restaurants, or unwilling to attend a event with a large group, please be kind.