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A Natural Remedy for Cancer Scanxiety (Almost)

When basking in the wonders of volcanoes, rainforests, and oceans, I can focus on something other than cancer for a while.

When heading to a cancer center for brain and body scans, not so much.

Still, facing the possibility of progression is easier when I’ve been immersed in nature for a few days.  I suspect most cancer patients might benefit from a “nature break” to combat scanxiety before a scan.

2 thoughts on “A Natural Remedy for Cancer Scanxiety (Almost)

  1. I love your insights and experiences on this difficult journey! Appreciating what we are given and giving back all we can is what life is no matter how short or long our stay on this earth! Praying for good results so that you continue all your good work!!!


  2. The inspiration, dedication and knowledge you give to all lung cancer survivors is so appreciated. You give all you have and enjoy all the life you can. That is the best life one can have. We pray for good results on your scans so we can all continue to benefit from your life! So glad to have found you!


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