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Profiles in Lung Cancer – Day 14: Anne-Marie Baird, PhD “Lung cancer can affect anyone, anywhere”

Lung Cancer Awareness Month 2015

Dr Anne-Marie Baird, Lung Cancer Researcher and Advocate
“Lung cancer can affect anyone, anywhere.”
Twitter handle: @BairdAM

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What is your connection with lung cancer?
Both my grandmother and aunt died from the disease. My aunt died while I was researching lung cancer at university.

What does your typical day look like?
I am usually in the lab or labland (as I call it) and am active on the Twitter feed #LCSM. Outside of the lab, I keep an eye out for dangerous Australian wildlife!

What is something we might not know about you?
I am close to obsessive in my god-motherly dealings with my delightful nephew Oscar. I reserve a special affection for Scottish Highland cows (amongst other varieties), and have a fervent aversion to Australian spiders.

What does you want us to know about lung cancer?
Lung cancer can affect anyone, anywhere. All lung cancer patients and their families deserve to be treated with empathy, dignity and respect irrespective of their smoking history.

What brings you hope?
The recent advances in targeted and immuno-oncology therapy for lung cancer and the remarkable efforts of the very special lung cancer social media family.

Each day during Lung Cancer Awareness Month (November), a lung cancer blogger will share a brief profile of someone involved with lung cancer. The person profiled might be a patient, caregiver, advocate, researcher, or healthcare provider.

Yesterday Linnea Olson’s blog “life and breath: outliving lung cancer” profiled Diane Legg.

Tommorow Lisa Goldman’s blog Every Breath I Take will profile Lucy Kalanithi.

All profiles can be found the day after posting on the #LCSM Chat blog at http://lcsmchat.com/. A list of links to all the profiles on the original bloggers’ pages can be found at on the #LCSM Chat site on the Profiles in Lung Cancer page.

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