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The Phantom Scan

My bimonthly clinical trial appointment is this coming week. I typically fly from Seattle to Denver on Sunday, have my labs and scan on Monday, see my doctor Tuesday, and fly home Wednesday.  Scanxiety has a new twist for me this time around. I discovered late Friday that Monday’s scan doesn’t exist in the University of Colorado Hospital’s online schedule. Of course, it was too late in the day to contact anybody at the cancer center … continue reading

8 thoughts on “The Phantom Scan

    • Thanks, Susan. I LOVE University of Colorado Hospital! The scheduling supervisor called me today in response to my email, and worked the problem. On her own time. On a Saturday.
      Don’t yet know for sure WHEN I will have my scan Monday, but I will be scanned. (She also mentioned I’ll be having a brain MRI this visit — ACK! Quelled one anxiety and generated another.)


  1. Peace to you with your brain MRI. That was the worst test I ever had to do. Glad they got you in for your scans. Thanks for keeping us in touch with your journey and best of luck and blessings to you.


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