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Speaking at 2014 Stanford Medicine X

I’m looking forward to attending the 2014 Stanford Medicine X Conference (#MedX on Twitter) as an ePatient Delegate September 5-7 on the campus of Stanford University.  The conference, now in its third year, is the leading patient-centered conference on emerging technology and medicine.

This conference will give me an opportunity to meet and interact with other epatients (engaged and empowered patients who participate in their medical care) as well as innovators who are providing the technologies that enable epatients to learn about their health conditions, track their health status, and share their experiences with others.  I hope this will teach me more about how to use social media to provide lung cancer patients with hope and useful information, raise awareness of our disease, and contribute to research and clinical trials.

I will be speaking on the MedX mainstage about “Making Lung Cancer Visible” on Sunday, September 7.  My speech will be in the Ignite format (5 minutes, 20 slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds), which will be a challenge for my chemobrain!  According to the 2014 MedX schedule,  my talk will be the second in a group of epatient talks that start at 10 AM Pacific Time Sunday 9/7; my talk should start around 10:10 AM.

If you’d like to watch my talk live, please sign up IN ADVANCE (FREE!) for the Stanford Medicine X Global Access Program.  This will allow you to watch all MedX events via livestreaming on the Internet.  If you’re unable to watch it live, my talk will eventually be made available on the MedX YouTube channel — I’ll post the link here when it becomes available.

Edit Sep 17, 2014:
Stanford Medicine X talk posted my talk on YouTube — see it here.

4 thoughts on “Speaking at 2014 Stanford Medicine X

  1. Hi Janet

    Is your talk open to the public? We love in San Francisco and would like to possibly attend

    Sent from my iPhone



    • You can attend my session if you register for the conference, but I don’t think you can attend without registration.


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