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Sunshine, Baseball, and Video

This morning I awoke to learn I’d been on the news at 6:15 AM.  The local NBC affiliate, King 5, included excerpts from my interview yesterday in their coverage of the Lung Force Turquoise Takeover and art unveiling in Seattle. You can see the clip here. Wonder why I kept looking at the ceiling?

We had a gorgeously clear 80-degree day today in the Pacific Northwest–perfect for a ball game.  Fellow lung cancer patient Gwynne Cleveland (@GB2C on Twitter) and I worked the Lung Force table at a Seattle Mariners day game, recruiting walkers for the inaugural Lung Force Walk in Seattle on June 7.  Shirt sleeve weather in May is a rare treat around here, although the breeze on the shaded concourse drove us both into sweaters.

Back home, as I hear the birdsong in the fading sunlight and spectacular sunset, two questions pop into my mind:

Why do birds sing at dusk?

Is it the same reason lung cancer patients blog?

5 thoughts on “Sunshine, Baseball, and Video

  1. I think you did a beautiful job, Janet. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 39 and nobody in my family had ever had breast cancer. My mother had died of ovarian cancer 18 months earlier, of which they say there is a link. Cancer has it’s own ugly tentacles and no reasonable pattern. I’m so glad you are blogging. You lift my spirit often. Sincerely, Mickey

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  2. You did beautifully (and are beautiful). And you had the best line ever…’never smoked anything; except a salmon’. Love you missy!


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