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Tweets for #LCAM2013 Week 4 — How to Help Lung Cancer Patients

For Lung Cancer Awareness Month (#LCAM2013), the #LCSM team compiled a list of tweet-sized lung cancer facts – one tweet for each day in November. We ask all #LCSM participants and lung cancer advocates to tweet the fact of the day at noon Eastern time (9 AM Pacific) to help with trending.  You can come here to copy the tweet of the day, or  if you prefer, you can retweet the fact after @LCSMChat tweets each day at 11:55 AM Eastern Time.

Tweets for the final week of Lung Cancer Awareness Month (#LCAM2013) focus on HELP:  what you can do to help lung cancer patients, whether through providing direct assistance, funding research, advocating, or supporting lung cancer organizations.  Facts for all weeks of #LCAM2013 are collected here.


November 25 tweet:
HELP: Distribute information about low-dose CT screening for #lungcancer. http://www.lung.org/lung-disease/lung-cancer/lung-cancer-screening-guidelines/lung-cancer-one-pager.pdf #LCSM #LCAM2013

November 26 tweet:
HELP: Support #lungcancer patients as a volunteer at your local cancer center. #LCSM #LCAM2013

November 27 tweet:
HELP a #lungcancer patient during/after treatment with transportation, childcare, housework, meals, or fundraising. #LCSM #LCAM2013

November 28 tweet:
HELP: Support #lungcancer charities that fund research or assist LC patients. http://lungcan.org/our-members/ #LCSM #LCAM2013

November 29 tweet:
HELP: Support an LC advocacy org or ask your government reps to fully fund #lungcancer research. http://lungcan.org/advocacy/ #LCSM #LCAM2013

November 30 tweet:
HELP: Join an #LCSM chat on Twitter to discuss #lungcancer topics. http://lcsmchat.wordpress.com/lcsm-chat/ #LCAM2013

One thought on “Tweets for #LCAM2013 Week 4 — How to Help Lung Cancer Patients

  1. Reblogged this on optimism and me and commented:
    It’s the last week of November. A time to show thanks (though we should be thankful every day right?) This week the #LCSM folks are sharing ways we can all help lung cancer patients and their families. Take a quick moment to read this post and then look at ways you can help. Just retweeting the info is one way to help. Go out on Twitter and follow @lcsmchat and share some this week. And you can also follow the LSCM Chat blog right here on WordPress. Enjoy your Thanksgiving week and take some time to help those less fortunate.


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