2020 Election Reflections–1 day after

While I would prefer the uncertainty about the US presidential election be resolved quickly, I’m glad to see the media is waiting for most/all votes to be counted before calling states where the count is close. We are a country that is clearly divided, with tensions running high. Accuracy in counting every vote is vital.

I am sad to hear so many Americans on both sides label their fellow citizens with derogatory names and language. It’s possible to have strong beliefs without attacking one another. We can’t make lasting change by refusing to consider the views of those who see things differently.

Politics are intended to help individuals with different beliefs, goals and abilities live together in a free country. We have strong feelings, and that’s OK. We aren’t always going to agree. Sometimes we win elections, sometimes we lose, but when we attack each other with harsh words and name calling, we weaken our country by making tensions worse, reinforcing that which divides us, and stoking the flames of hatred.

One bright spot in the elections: we had record high voter turnout. I’m thrilled so many citizens exercised their right to vote and participate in our government. That’s phenomenal, especially since this year we’re also dealing with a pandemic.

I hope every US citizen who wanted their voice to be heard was able to register easily, safely obtain a ballot or access a polling place in a timely manner, submit their ballot before the deadline in their area, and have their vote counted fairly.

Whatever the outcome of this election, the USA faces significant challenges. I hope we can move forward in healing our nation and keeping its people as safe and healthy possible using compassion, reason, access to knowledge, diplomacy, and other resources.