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Be the Change


The USA is being sorely tested.  Now is the time to show the power of our Constitutional form of goverment.

Regardless of whether I voted for an incoming US President, I believe in our election system and the US tradition of a peaceful transition of power. That tradition deserves respect. Not all nations give their citizens that option.

If our government and its systems have flaws, then state your objections and use our participatory system of government to fix it. Don’t use rage and violence to make your point–that will not erase hatred or make any positive, lasting change.

People, you can do more than exercise your Constitutional right to peaceful protest.  Remember also to exercise your right to pursue lawful change as laid out by the US and State Constitutions.

Along the way, teach compassion and respect by showing them to others.  Show the world why a Constitutional form of government is desirable.  BE THE CHANGE.

4 thoughts on “Be the Change

  1. I agree. I am totally going to protest peacefully, but I also want to be more active in being the change. I have recently started signing petitions and contacting senators, but I want to do more as a human and citizen. I am grateful for living in a country where we are encouraged to participate, and I often take my many freedoms for granted. Thank you for the reminder to be actively engaged in our democracy. I feel like probably a lot of voters had few people reach out to them in kindness or tried to hear their pov. I am going to try to be a better listener, hearer and do-er.


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