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Let it begin with us

Our country has been deeply divided about genuine issues before. One time it caused a Civil War. Let’s not let it go so far this time.

Regardless of why people voted the way they did, we still have to live together. We all must move past hatred, anger, and fear before the country can heal.

Let it begin with us. 

Share views using words that demonstrate respect for others, even when you don’t feel it. When you disagree, take the high road no matter which road they choose. Seek first to understand before being understood.

Show each person you meet what compassion feels like. You may be surprised how good you feel.

3 thoughts on “Let it begin with us

  1. Thank you for bringing all this turmoil into perspective. Love this and your other post, “Prayer for a time of transition.” Too bad more people don’t see the election this way.


  2. I appreciate your work to help us keep calm. Feeling ok would be a nice thing. Right now I feel hopeless and afraid. Trump and friends scare me more than lung cancer. For my own health I have shut down my FB account and the radio/tv news. Now I have to figure out how to be proactive.


  3. All Americans should support our government and way of life. We have laws to settle disputes. The USA is the greatest country on earth so let’s show the world that we can intelligently and peacefully make changes that will make our country even better.


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