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Please comment by 26-Feb-16: Bree Collaborative Oncology Workgroup recommendations

The Bree Collaborative’s Oncology Workgroup (I am their patient advocate) is seeking feedback on our recommendations regarding (1) advanced imaging for early stage breast and prostate cancers, and (2) palliative care during anti-cancer therapy.  Hope you’ll read the recommendations and take the survey! Feedback is due by February 26. 


Your feedback is requested on the Bree Collaborative’s latest draft report and recommendations for Oncology Care.

Please complete all comments regarding the report using this link to Surveymonkey. The survey should take 5-10 minutes to complete. Comments must be received by 5pm on Friday, February 26th.      

Summary of Recommendations

Cost and quality of cancer care vary greatly in the United States. Significant variation in diagnosis, treatment, and supportive care for patients promotes poor outcomes and excessive cost for patients and the health care system.  While evidence-based guidelines exist, adoption has been inconsistent. Our report has two primary focus areas:

  1. That all clinics follow the American Society of Clinical Oncology’s Choosing Wisely recommendations:
    • Do not use PET [positron emission tomography], CT [computed tomography] and radionuclide bone scans in the staging of early prostate cancer at low risk of spreading.
    • Do not use PET, CT, and radionuclide bone scans in the staging of early breast cancer that is at low risk of spreading.
  2. That palliative care be offered alongside active anti-cancer care, as needed. Oncology care should be aligned with a patient’s individual goals and values and follow ASCO’s position statement of key elements for individualized cancer care. Patients should be apprised of the harms, benefits, evidence, and potential impact of chemotherapy and radiation at all stages in their illness trajectory.

About This Public Comment Process

  • The Oncology Care workgroup reviews and uses public comments to develop the report submitted to the Bree Collaborative for adoption.
  • The final report is submitted to the Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA). This state agency oversees Washington’s largest health care purchasers – Medicaid and the Public Employees Benefits Board Program (PEB).
  • Collaborative recommendations guide state purchasing policies for these programs.
  • The Collaborative also works to promote implementation of the recommendations across Washington State

For more information or to give additional feedback, please contact Ginny Weir, Program Director of the Bree Collaborative at GWeir@qualityhealth.org or (206) 204-7377 or visit www.breecollaborative.org

Thank you in advance for your participation in this effort to improve health care quality, outcomes, and affordability in Washington State.

Ginny Weir, MPH
Program Director, Bree Collaborative
Foundation for Health Care Quality
705 Second Avenue, Suite 410 | Seattle, WA 98104
GWeir@qualityhealth.org | (206) 204-7377

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