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Thinking ahead — step 7

It’s only taken me fifteen years, but I’m finally tackling that last piece of my estate plan: the “cheat sheet” for my family/personal representative that tells where to find assets, who to contact, what online accounts to shut down, passwords, etc (and a note about my end-of-life and memorial service preferences). No matter how long I plan to be around, it’s good to know I’m making things a bit easier for whoever may be left behind.

2 thoughts on “Thinking ahead — step 7

  1. Isn’t it weird to document information we’ve always been told to keep secret?! I did that part when I did my will, POA, HC POA, and a bunch of other docs.

    I still need to do 3 things, and I’ve been putting them off:
    1) interview and select an in-home hospice. I want someone who will take good care of me take as much burden off of Seth as possible.
    2) select a crematorium. Again, I don’t want Seth to have to make another stressful decision.
    3) find a place for my wake. Maybe the crematorium will have a facility. I just know I don’t want to have it at my house for many reasons.

    It stinks to deal with this, but I feel like everything I can do now will make Seth’s life (and my mom’s, if she’s able to help) a little easier.


  2. Even though I feel fine , now that I have brain mets I have been doing this type of planning this week also.Great minds think alike ! I feel like it gives me a sense of control, will make my wishes known, & will make it easier for my husband & family when the time comes. May we all live a long time before these plans go into action. wishing you all the best,Maureen


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