Dear ACS: Please Reschedule the Great American Smokeout

Dear American Cancer Society,

During Lung Cancer Awareness Month in November, please acknowledge ALL who are afflicted by lung cancer.

Encouraging people to stop smoking is a worthy cause, but must you hold the Great American Smokeout during Lung Cancer Awareness Month? It fuels the unjust stigma attached to lung cancer.

Lung cancer is caused by more factors than just smoking–80% of those newly diagnosed are never smokers (like me) or nonsmokers who quit decades ago. Lung cancer among never smokers is the sixth leading cause of cancer deaths. WHO recently published a study linking lung cancer to air pollution. Other studies link lung cancer to exposure to radon in homes and arsenic in water sources.

All you need to get lung cancer is lungs.

Please acknowledge this publicly, especially during Lung Cancer Awareness Month, and consider moving the Great American Smokeout to any month other than November.

A never smoker with metastatic lung cancer

Dear friends:
If you agree, please consider signing this petition to the American Cancer Society.
The petition was created by Betsy Thompson for the Lung Cancer Survivors Foundation.